Juan Anibal Micheli

Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer


I am a passionate, creative, dynamic, curious, prolific web developer.

I say I am a Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer, since I like feeling comfortable with the entire stack needed for a web project, from layout and client-side application structure, to backend development and server infrastructure. I am always pursuing new technologies, frameworks and libraries, and I believe web technologies will be soon a multi-platform standard, used for common mobile apps and even for programming robots! And of course, I am in love with Javascript :)

Technical skills

  • Frontend

  • HTML5, semantic markup
  • CSS3, CSS in JS (Styled components), CSS modules, Less, SASS, Stylus, Bootstrap
  • Usability, mobile first responsive design
  • React Native, Expo, Ionic, Cordova/Phonegap hybrid applications
  • SEO strategies
  • Javascript, React, Angular, Redux, Flux, jQuery, Backbone
  • OAuth, JSON Web Token and cookie authentification
  • GraphQL, Apollo, RESTful API's, JSON-RPC

  • Backend

  • Javascript, NodeJS, ExpressJS
  • Serverless, microservices
  • Authentication, DB migration
  • Docker, Vagrant
  • PHP, Symfony2 and Zend frameworks, Doctrine ORM
  • MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Elastic Search
  • Nginx, Apache
  • Tools and others

  • Linux
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Git and other version control systems
  • Agile development
  • Continuous integration
  • Trello, Slack, Github
  • Wordpress, Joomla, Magento



CTO - Architect - Mobile Developer - MVP builder


  • - Serverless GraphQL backend (Graphcool)
  • - Continuous Integration (Circle CI)
  • - Expo, React Native, Apollo, React Navigation
  • - Realtime chat with GraphQL subscriptions
  • - Realtime map with marker clustering


CTO - Architect - Full Stack Developer


  • - Docker cloud infrastructure
  • - Continuous Integration
  • - SEO and performance optimization, code splitting, lazy loading
  • - Mobile first responsive optimization
  • - Progressive Web Application patterns implementation
  • - Google, Facebook and passwordless email token based stateless authentication
  • - React, Redux, CSS modules, PostCSS and Sass
  • - Realtime websockets based full featured chat


Tech Lead - Architect - Full Stack Developer


As a Tech Lead I built the development team, doing technical interviews and choosing the bests developers whose I am very proud to have worked with. Lead on the tech stack and architecure and with a strong focus on scalability, I was in charge of translating the old and new business needs of a modern e-commerce to scalable and tech solutions. Working on a large range of tasks, from responsive layout coding to discussing features, design-dev team collaboration.

  • - Microservices / serverless archiecture
  • - Migration strategy
  • - Working with designs and wireframes
  • - Setting up goals and estimations


Fullstack Javascript Contractor (Javascript, React, Redux)


ES6/ES7, Redux, React, NodeJS, ExpressJS, React Router, webpack, babel, isomorphic/universal app, lazy-loading (chunks), critical rendering path


Fullstack Software Engineer (Flux, React, ES6, Docker Wordpress, Vagrant)


I developed several applications for different clients, some based on React and Fux, some Wordpress and static websites.


Freelance Fullstack Engineer (MEAN stack)


Built an event promotion platform from scratch using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js.\nChoice of technologies, decision taking, devising.\nA lot of interaction with Facebook API (Graph API, FQL, invitations, RSVP..). SEO, web scraping, geospatial search, frontend performance optimization, POC with Polymer.


Javascript Engineer (AngularJS)


I worked in a team using AngularJS and Bootsrap UI (AngularJS directives for Bootstrap) and communicating with a RPC-JSON API with JWT (JSON Web Token) based authentification. I also developed the admin panel for the entities.

Fansworld TV

Web Developer


PHP, Symfony2, MySQL, Elastic Search, Redis, agile development.\nDigital TV channel, music and sport fans.\nI worked with Symfony2, a great PHP MVC framework, with Doctrine ORM, implemented Elasticsearch for indexing the entities and search them, and Redis for caching DB queries and with Nginx proxy for caching webpages.


Web Developer (PHP, Node.js, Magento)


PHP, NodeJS, Mongodb, MySQL, JQuery, Magento, social API's and some Magento e-commerce.\nI worked in several little (2 weeks) projects, pressure and innovation in a digital agency.


Web Developer (PHP, Zend framework, MySQL, Frontend and Backend development)

PHP, Zend framework, OAuth, Facebook API


PHP, Zend framework, OAuth, Facebook API\nFootball social network.\nFacebook integration, chat, mail invitations, frontend and backend development.


Web Developer (PHP, Symfony, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Frontend and Backend development)


Symfony, MySQL\nSeveral projects, rapid web development, Symfony 1.2 - 1.4, Doctrine, Mysql. Layout & backend development.


I speak Spanish and French fluently, and I can manage myself very well in English

Juan Anibal Micheli — juananibal.micheli@gmail.com — (+33) 6 8994 0398